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New Kitasato University Hospital Enhances Patient Safety with Copper.

A newly-built, thousand-bed hospital in Japan has installed antimicrobial copper door furniture throughout its internal medicine, dermatology, pharmaceutical, haematology and outpatient facilities.

24th June 2014

Kitasato University Hospital was inaugurated in 1971 with the goal of delivering patient-centred, collaborative healthcare. Its new facility, opened in May, functions as a clinical education and training venue for the university’s undergraduate and graduate students, alongside providing cutting-edge healthcare to the region as a foundation hospital. In addition to comprehensive medical services, with a specialization in oncology, it is recognized as one of Japan’s leading emergency hospitals.

Dr. Takeshi Sasahara, an Assistant Professor at the Kitasato University School of Medicine, previously investigated the bactericidal activity of copper and its alloys in the hospital environment in studies that led to a clinical trial in Kitasato University Hospital’s former premises. He says of the new installation: The doctors and nurse already understood the antimicrobial properties of copper, and many were calling for antimicrobial copper touch surfaces to be installed in the new facility On the building side, copper’s benefits were not so well understood, but fortunately we now have antimicrobial copper door handles, which is very satisfying.’

An installation of further antimicrobial copper surfaces is planned for the dermatology ward.

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