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韓国・延世大学セバランス病院 小児がんセンターで殺菌銅を導入(ICAサイト引用)






Severance Hospital – part of the Yonsei University Health System: the foundation of modern medical science in Korea – has installed antimicrobial copper touch surfaces in its new children’s cancer centre to help protect vulnerable patients from the spread of infection.
At the dedication ceremony, held in April, Yonsei University’s President noted: ‘Antimicrobial copper will make an important contribution to the new centre.’

Bet rails and sinks have been made from a solid copper alloy benefitting from copper’s inherent ability to rapidly and continuously kill bacteria and viruses on contact. Such alloys, together with pure copper, are collectively described as ‘antimicrobial copper.’
Results from a multi-centre US clinical trial of antimicrobial copper surfaces identified bed rails as the most contaminated surface in an ICU room.
They further revealed that replacing just six frequently–touched surfaces around a patient – including bed rails – with antimicrobial copper equivalents reduced a patient’s risks of acquiring a healthcare – associated infection by greater than 50%.
‘For pediatric patients with weak immune systems, infection prevention is an especially important issue,’ notes Dr.Chuhl Hoo Lyu, Chairman of the hospital’s Pediatric Oncology Department.
‘Because of copper’s inherent antimicrobial properties, we decided to install antimicrobial copper bed rails and sinks, which are very frequently-touched surfaces. By doing this, we expect to prevent cross-infection in the hospital and ultimately create an optimal environment for patient care.’

Yonsei Severance Cancer Center is remarkable for being Korea’s first dedicated cancer facility, founded in 1969. Now housed in a new, 15-storey building, the Center is also the first cancer centre in Korea to protect patients with antimicrobial copper. Accordingly, it will display a plaque to explain the benefits offered by its antimicrobial copper surfaces.

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