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ICAの抗菌銅(Antimicrobial Copper)ホームページにライブカメラの記事が掲載されました。

Antimicrobial Copper Streamed Live

copper-friends-showroom-1-500 Japan’s Antimicrobial Copper consortium – Copper Friends – is offering a unique opportunity to anyone curious about the nightlife of a medical showroom. A live feed from their camera is now available online, allowing people to watch visitor interactions by day and see the items lit up at night. 29th January 2015 Copper Friends is a consortium of companies based in Japan that offer antimicrobial copper products and services. These include Cu+ approved companies such as Elmes (Union Corporation), which offers antimicrobial copper door furniture, and France Bed, which supplies antimicrobial copper bed rails, foot and headboards, IV poles and overbed tables. The live camera – set up in the Japan Medical GPO’s Nishiogu showroom – was the idea of Takashi Osa, the organisation’s director, who saw an opportunity to involve people across Japan – and around the world – in the organisation’s activities. Click here to view the showroom camera. It is also accessible from a banner on the lower right-hand side of the Copper Friends website (in Japanese), copper-friends-showroom-2-500